Weekend here I come!

Hi again everybody! So last night I got in an argument with my boyfriend. He's still friends with a woman he dated (and had a healthy relationship with) on facebook and yeah of course it bugs me but I'm NOT going to be that girlfriend. He needs to consciously make the decision each and every day to be with me. You know? So if he fucks up, bye bye! Anyway.... he liked a couple of her pictures on fb and I was like "wtf" there's no need for you to like any of her stuff. It's already enough that you're friends with her on facebook because you're not friends irl. He obviously still cares for her because they ended amicably so not friends irl. See what I'm saying? You can't have your cake and eat it too kind of situation. He knows. Anyway, every time I tell him I'm feeling insecure or jealous or something he makes it seem like maybe he's questioning being with me because if I'm not feeling like I'm good enough for him then in his mind he asks if I really am. Whatevs. I'm more than good enough for him or anyone. I'm a great person, I'm always improving myself. When I have weaknesses or issues I always try to work on them or through them. So yeah... there's no question about that even if he has his doubts, that's his issue.


I feel all feisty attitude right now. lol. I love me. I know sometimes my brain can get a little carried away but I have a lot going on for me. I don't always love me, but I'm working on that part. I make conscious efforts to love myself like I would love a partner. If I'm doing for him, I'm doing for me first. I want to feel 100% so I can give him that love also, but I don't want him thinking for one second that he can never lose it. He needs to know he always has to put his best foot forward. Ya know? Okay, rant of the day over. Buhbye now.

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