Tuesday Tuesday

No, not Monday Monday... lol ;)


Pretty much no one is in the office right now... and the phones have been quiet. It's nice. :) It's only Tuesday but man does it feel like Thursday. Every week just seems to bleed into the next with short breaks in between. Luckily it's rainy outside so it's cooler and it's setting me up to be in the mood for my SF trip this weekend.


I'm glad to be getting out of town, away from the monotony. We are going to a club to watch my favorite band, have some drinks, smoke some herb and just have a fun time being together by the ocean. :D


For now... I'm gonna get my hair done today, start my weights for the week and do my yoga. I have leftovers for dinner so I don't have to cook. It's always nice when I don't have to cook. And I'll have new hair. OMG so excited. Ok back to work...

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  1. pets

    heads up for Wednesday Wednesday hump day lol

    March 21, 2017