Tuesday but really like Monday

I've decided I haven't been allowing myself to be creative enough lately. My boyfriend told me I can be a boring conversationalist if it's not something I am interested in and it made me reflect on myself and really get a good look @ what I've been doing with my free time...


Usually I'm just watching tv, but lately my activities mostly consist of coming home, doing chores, doing some sort of exercise, making dinner, then finally watching tv mindlessly on the days that I spend "me time" by myself. I'm not even watching my current mainstream shows rn, just some filler show on netflix while I'm eating and then I keep watching it until I get sleepy and am ready for bed. I could eat dinner and then do something creative like learning my guitar or drawing or writing. I definitely need to smoke less indica if that's the case. It makes me too sleepy too early.


I've already been smoking less during the weekdays as it is, but maybe I should switch to my vape like my boyfriend is doing during the week. It's a good idea, it's healthier smoking and less of it.


So I haven't done yoga in 3 days and I am sure feeling it. I did do 2.5 hours of yard work this weekend so I burned lots of calories and I did a 3 mile walk, but I need that stretching and holistic exercise need to be fulfilled on a normal basis. Tonight I'm definitely doing yoga and tomorrow. Hopefully I have enough time Thursday because I have to go to my brother's 40th birthday party which starts @ 6pm. I might have to wake up early that day if I want to get it done. That way I can come home, make any final touches to my food and then pick up my boyfriend and head out.


It's funny how short weeks make for busier times...I feel like I'm booked solid all week with activities! Well friday we get to relax, but I'm going to refresh myself on a little tune I learned on my guitar to show my boyfriend. We'll see how that goes! I'm rusty to say the least.


2 more hours of work and then I can go home and relax and get my stuff done. :)

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