Trusting People

It's just too hard, I give up... why can't people just be honest? Especially when you know something is true in  your gut and that person tells you it's not, but then later you apologize for how you acted and they tell you what you believed was actually true.. it makes you question honesty and loyalty, even if it's a small thing. I don't want to distrust people but they sure as hell don't make it easy, ya know?

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Comments (2)

  1. jaageet

    Why do you need to trust people? Animals get by fine without trusting. They are on the lookout for danger all the time. They have quick reflexes and can pull back in a split second from a striking snake or even a mating partner lashing out with flashing claws. Don’t be a weakling. Sharpen your wits.

    February 13, 2017
    1. eiai

      Yeah, but this kind of attitude in excess can overstress the body due to extreme levels of anxiety. I don’t want to be anxious that every one is out to get me or not out to help me. Not a good way to live, imo. I do appreciate your input though.

      February 21, 2017