Thoughts decided to work :P

Why is it so difficult when things don't go as planned to not get bummed out? I took my car in this morning to get an oil leak fixed... I made an appointment last week for today @ 8am. I brought my car in @ 730am and had them shuttle me to work. Well I hear nothing from them so I call @ 315 and he says he has no update in the computer he will check on it and call me back...

4pm comes around and I still have heard no response. I call again and the other guy tells me he has no update he will check on it and call him back. I reiterated to him that I heard the same thing from my Service Rep so he reassures me he'll call me back right away. I hang up the phone and literally 30 seconds later my Rep calls me and tells me they're just looking at it now... only 8 hours later... what's the point of an appointment if they can't look @ it for a whole day? That makes no sense to me.


I was going to have them shuttle me back but I really am upset with them and don't want to rely on them and my boyfriend offered to pick me up so I took him up on it. Anyway, I think I'm just frustrated they took that long to look at my car when I had an appointment. Especially since it's under warranty and I had to take it to the dealership. Otherwise I would choose another place that was prompt and more customer service oriented. End rant.

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