I don't know how many of you have heard of the law of attraction, but they say to attract what you want in your life you must act as though you already have it. I am attracting more income into my life with less effort on my part. Something that I have a talent for and comes naturally to me and something I enjoy will bring that income to me.  I'm waiting on the universe to send me a sign and let me know what I should do next. In the meantime I do have my eyes wide open and I'm being productive with my life in other ways.  For the past couple weeks I haven't smoked most days of the week.  Last week I went 5 days, from late sunday afternoon to late friday afternoon. :) I did it. Although I did struggle a bit on Thursday because I was in a bit of a low mood and my boyfriend couldn't come over to help me out by distracting me or giving me some other kind of stress relief because his friend got dumped and he had to go spend guy time. It was a bummer, but what I ended up doing instead was reading some articles and then going to bed early... it was much needed anyhow.


He called me on his way home around 11pm when I was sleeping. It was sweet that he thought to call me before he went to bed. I didn't mind because I love hearing from him and then he let me go back to sleep shortly after and I slept hard until about 4-5am. It was nice. Friday we had a really fun and sexy night... that man drives me wild.  I swear we discover new ways to have fun and just be silly sometimes and it makes me love him more every time. I dressed all nice, did my hair and makeup all fancy. Wore a dress I've had for a long time with some knee high socks and a butterfly choker type necklace. Kind of like a 90's baby doll dress look. Kind of.  We were supposed to set it up so he was all revved up for the next night. We started looking into doing some role playing and we were supposed to do that the next night, but we ended up having sex among other things friday night and I still wanted to do stuff the next day. Unfortunately, we didn't sleep in on Saturday morning because we both had to run errands for that night. We BBQ'd around 2-3pm and then around 5 I was supposed to leave to get ready for our night, but instead we both kind of napped on the couch and he said he was going to "cancel" his plans with his play-mate (me lol) so that we could just cuddle on the couch and watch some television.  I ended up going home to get my stuff and came back to stay the night. It was great!


The next day though I had to leave early because I had the repair guy coming over to finish patching that hole in my wall and texture it. Then @ 1030am I had an appointment with my online therapist for an hour session. That went really well, but the repair guy was taking his time so he left midway through the session. Next time I am making sure I have no distractions so I can get my money's worth out of my therapist lol.  I have another appointment next Sunday. I think I like this a lot better because then I have scheduled times to discuss many things with her. It's cathartic for sure to get all my thoughts out of my head and gain some insight into ways to help me live a smoother, more peaceful life. She encourages me to continue my meditation, which I've been doing for 36 days in a row. I LOVE IT. Love it... :D


Other than that, the weekend flew by really. I'm just enjoying my life and being grateful for everything the universe has provided me this year. I know I went through a lot of struggle, but here I am now and I feel on top of the world. Now to keep that momentum up!! ;)

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