Sooo close!

It's Thursday... after this week I only have 2 more weeks of tax season. Boy am I ready! lol. It has felt like I hardly have any time to do more than my basic needs. Keep the house chores up minimally, do my exercising (weight lifting, yoga and walking), do my meditation. All that to keep healthy and sane, plus I've been trying to do no sweets for a few weekends. Except last weekend we did have cake because we were in San Fran and they have this cute little cake shop near the hotel I like to stay... can't NOT have any. :)


I'm actually feeling unwell today and yesterday. Woke up with sore throat, stuffy nose, heavy head. I think it's just allergies, but who knows. I rested, did yoga, took a hot bath and I still feel crappy, but slightly better. So I'm definitely on the up and up.. hopefully i'll feel good this weekend so I can enjoy and relax. Ok off to work more... bye now!

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  1. shaybenasulin


    April 19, 2017