New Year, New Me! (hold the applause please) ;P

Ok ok, I've been working on myself for probably most of my life and more intensely as a person (physically, mentally, spiritually) for about 8 years. This year I started yoga (finally), meditation, weightlifting... it's been quite a transformation for me internally plus I've lost 20 lbs since Nov 2015 so I'm feeling pretty confident that this is a lifestyle change. I spent the year really learning to love me. I have to put myself priority if I'm not feeling 100%.


Honestly, I've found this to be very difficult because I am such a giving person. I love to give to those I care about.   I'm always doing more people pleasing that ends up just draining me to make that other person happy. This is especially true when I have a partner, which is like always since I was 16 pretty much... obviously a serial monogamist lol. Therefore, I feel like it took me a lot of time to really know me and what I wanted/needed to be my best self not just intellectually which is what I mainly focused on in my youth.


This year I will continue to work on that as I find it's a never ending quality you need to have a quality relationship with others, but I also want to work on my weightlifting some more since I really just started around October and to focus more on my yoga practice. I also want to work on being more outgoing. I mean, yes I'm an introvert and I do need alone time to "recharge", but at the same time I do like going to parties and being able to be bubbly or just happy outgoing, not caring what others think and just being me, just not all the time. Those are my goals for this year for sure. Of course continuining with the weight lifting and yoga will help me meet another goal of weightloss but really that's a by product now. :) What are your goals?

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