My friday

I paid for a trip for my boyfriend and I to go to Monterey together for his birthday. We're going to the aquarium because that's what he wanted to do. I was thinking he might want to do something else like an amusement park or something, but I think he just wants to get away and wants to do something low key. So we're leaving early tomorrow to get there by the time the aquarium opens and then we will leave in time to go check in to our hotel or maybe before just so we get in early and then go back to the aquarium.


Tonight we're going to meet his aunt and uncle for his birthday card. I guess his aunt wants to give it to him in person and he invited me to go with him to meet them since I'll be seeing them on Thanksgiving as well.  It's nice to have small exposures to his family. I am already an introverted person so meeting them all at once would be a little overwhelming I think and I would definitely not remember names in that instance. Haha!


I made him an ice cream cake last night. He didn't love it. :/ To be fair it was my first time making an ice cream cake so it's not like I can be perfect at it every time I make something for the first time.... but I know it was the thought that counts. I took a lot of time to make it because it was new to me. I was a little bummed though, because you know, you make these things with the expectation of the person loving it just because you made it so when he wasn't crazy about the flavor I went into doom and gloom mode... oh my brain! lol. I need to re-wire it. Not everything can be perfect. Not everything can be perfect. Not everything can be perfect! lol.


We did end up having a nice dinner though and a local steakhouse. I hadn't been there since I was a kid so it was nice to go and try it out because I always hear people talking about it. Then we came back and watched more Dexter (lol) and ate some cake. After I went home and went to bed because it was late. I slept pretty deep for over 6 hours. That's a new record for me without having to get up for a bathroom break. lmao. Anyway... my lunch break is over now! Tomorrow is my vacation! I'm excited to have some rest and relaxation... and fun! :D I'm out!



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