My boyfriend and I went to Monterey this last weekend for his birthday... I thought it was so beautiful driving along the 17 mile drive road that I told him how nice it would be for us to live there...


The next day I was looking up jobs just to see if something like that was realistic and I found a job that was right up his alley. I texted it to him while he was at a buddy's house playing music. Later he called when he was done playing and he was like "that job near monterey sounds right up my alley and it's only 30 minutes from there". He seemed very interested in the prospect.  I said to him, "Yeah but it's not an overnight decision we could make or anything." Especially because in my mind our relationship is still so new, Nov 1 will be our official 4 month mark being a couple. Only 4 months! lol. It seems so much longer because I've known him for 9 months already... He agreed that it would take time to make that transition if we did (I would think he'd need to live with me first so we could save money)... if we even went there. :P


Today he mentioned to me casually that he actually applied to the job. He said he just wants to see if something like that is even plausible... kind of get his feelers out there. I sent him a link showing him all the accounting jobs they have there too and he replied, "You have lots of choices too." I think he's really considering it for the future, for us. :) It's a nice feeling to be with someone that wants that with me... not someone I feel like I'm forcing to be with me, or hanging on to tightly because I don't want to let them go. It's like a breath of fresh air having someone return that affection and love to you the same way you give it to them. :P~


Anyway, work is going along smoothly today. It's actually an easy day on my brain so I'm glad about that. It's easier to relax. AND leftover green chicken enchiladas for lunch. Nom! Adios amigos!

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