Me! Singing!

Last night I went to my boyfriend's house to sing. He is a musician and normally he has this girl who comes over to sing, they've been music partners for years, but he had said if she couldn't make it (which is the normal since she's flaky) that I could come over and I could sing to a new piece he wrote on the guitar. I went over and before I knew it I was in front of the microphone coming up with lyrics and a tune to his piece! It's weird, because normally I don't feel creative, but this just came out of my head... I didn't come up with a lot of lyrics. I mostly did a lot of humming... but now I have the tune stuck in my head and periodically through out the day i've been scribbling more lyrics. :) It makes me so happy. It's been something I've been afraid of doing for as long as I can remember... and now I finally have someone who is willing to play for me and be patient with my shyness. It surprised me to hear a tune and words coming out of my mouth... like I was on autopilot. I hope the more I sing with him the more I can unlock creatively!! So that's my news for today. I'm happy about it. OH! And I hadn't smoked weed for 4 days, that's an accomplishment for me. I've pretty much been smoking everyday for almost 2 years now... however I did smoke yesterday so I could get in a more creative zone and it worked out pretty well. ;) I don't plan to give it up, I just want to be more productive during the weekdays. Peace out!
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    September 17, 2016