Makeup & Being a Girl

I've been trying to learn new makeup techniques... I have never really done the fancy eyebrows that look all perfect, or used liquid eyeliner or even much eyeshadow. I mean I use regular pencil eyeliner... I do fill in my brows (of which I have pretty much none naturally) and I wear some lipstick that also serves as SPF coverage and is colored. And of course I have to wear under eye makeup because I have hyperpigmentation since I'm half Mexican...


Since my boyfriend and I started getting ideas about role playing I thought that I should have different looks too, so I'm finally learning these makeup techniques that I've kind of always wanted to secretly learn but never wanted to apply them in my everyday life. Although, today I did test out the liquid eyeliner with the winged look and it turned out okay, but I still feel like it's maybe a little too much for work? Or maybe I just don't have the other makeup features to go with it? I did wear a long pencil skirt and a white blouse with gold accents, plus laced up black heels. I think the outfit goes for sure. I guess just learning these techniques, applying them and feeling confident in knowing what I'm doing will be the kicker.


It is fun though, to have these different options. Sometimes a lot of work, but I don't plan on making it a daily thing. I've even been going to work without makeup some days lately. It's nice and kind of freeing. lol. Alright, back to the grind! :D

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