Life Struggles

When you do something bad that hurts someone without meaning to, is it hard for you to think you're a good person in that moment? Even if you've done countless kind things and you always intend to be a nice person or treat people fairly?


Something happened to me recently and yes I was at fault for oversharing this person's information to someone who didn't really know her. She is more of a work acquaintance and honestly this happened months ago and I forgot about it (sometimes my mouth talks without my brain thinking about the fact that it might be oversharing). I honestly do not talk to many people much about private things anyway, but this one thing happened and I thought this person I was talking to was a friend and I was analyzing the situation of this other acquaintance with her, not thinking that I was violating some privacy (just not thinking) and I do honestly feel very terrible because I didn't even think it through. I know I embarassed this acquaintance of mine, we'll call her S. I apologized sincerely as she had basically said she was disappointed in me and then threw in some other digs to make herself feel better so I didn't take them personally. I know my truth.


I told her I was very sorry, explained the situation and obvious mistake on my part and said that I understood if we could not remain friends, but that I wish her the best in her life because I do care about her. She wrote more digs towards me and then wished me the "Best of luck!" on top of it all. I know she truly is a nice person, but it sucks because I make one mistake that she treats me like I'm a scumbag. I know I'm not. She knows I'm not if she truly reflected on the situation, but what can you do? People are going to make their judgments regardless of what you do. I mean some of your actions might sway them a bit, but why should I care? If she couldn't take the time to understand my blunder and just dismisses me right away? I'm probably better off not having someone like that to call a friend.


Friends accept you for who you are, you make a mistake, you work through it... they don't just dismiss you because of one thing you do wrong. So good riddance and good luck to her, but that's not what I need in my life either. Okay that is off my chest now! Now to move on!

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