Just another day...

Today I was running REALLY late to work... like 15 min. That's super late. I was late yesterday too... it seems like ever since my co-worker left a month ago I can't be on time, but I mean not on time for me usually is like 5-6 min! So I sat down with my boss and let him know I am working on being on time and for some reason have just been having a really hard time with it.  You know what he said to me? "It's no big deal, I don't want you to stress about it." What a guy! I replied, "I know but you know.." and motioned over to the bookkeeper's office because she's a stickler for like... everything. :P I spoke again and said, "And since the new girl is starting on Monday I want to set an example for her so she understands we should be on time most days." Not to say anyone but the bookkeeper is a nazi about it but I don't want to be a bad example that's for sure. I've never been punctual... my entire life consists of me constantly being late. I think I'm bad at estimating how long something will take. I need to start tacking on 15-30 min, haha!


So tomorrow I am going to try again. I will get up the same time I did today except I won't have my hair to do and I won't message my boyfriend until I know that I am pretty much ready to walk out the door. Those two things will help.  Also this past week I've been doing my makeup new so that's been taking me longer in my morning routine because I am not used to it.


I'm on lunch right now at work, but since I was running late I forgot to bring it.. go figure. I'm going to just skip it and then after work run to Walmart for a quick errand and go pick up a huge ass burrito for dinner. I'll probably snack on something when I get home, do my yoga first and then eat my burrito. Maybe I can even go for a short walk to help it digest. I'm feeling really good about myself lately. I'm doing well with my eating, exercising, improving my makeup and loving the act of actually doing it because it's like "artistic" for me. :)


My boyfriend actually bought us watercolors, a sketch pad and paint brushes that arrived a couple days ago. I think this weekend we might start doing some painting. He said he'll show me some techniques. I'm excited. I can't tell you when I've ever done something like that, but I'm always wanting to try it. I like that we can try new things together, it's pretty amazing! He brings out such a good side of me. I love it. I love improving and I love being my best self and that's what he wants for me and vice versa. It's SUCH a good fit.


We've only been a couple for 3 months this Saturday, but we've known each other since the beginning of the year right after I broke up with my ex the first time. I told my current bf that I was not ready for a relationship at the time and we kept seeing each other in more of a friend capacity, but then I let my ex move back and we tried that for about a month or so before I realized it wasn't going to work and broke up with him, but then he didn't leave for like another month and a half since he's from out of state (eye roll).  After that I started seeing my current bf again, just dating and right away he wanted to become exclusive. I think after me ending my relationship, I finally let my guard down and he was able to see me for who I am, including my emotions lol. I was like a robot with him before that because I had my heart stuck on a man who was never going to fit my idea of a partner...


So once that happened we became a couple within a month and a half. I've enjoyed the ride ever since, even the hard times make us see how we can work things out. <3 Omg ok I'm gushing.  Back to my lunch break so I can message my friends lol. 


I'm out!


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