Hump day

It's Wednesday. I'm working. My coworker and I are planning a trip for next June to go see my friend in Boston (I've known her for almost 4 years and haven't met her irl). My old coworker came by for lunch to say hi and my boss is ALWAYS interested in her. I personally thinks he has a little crush on her even though she's 39, acts like she's 30 and he's 61. I mean, don't get me wrong, he doesn't do anything pervy, but he's always very excited to see her and smiling a lot. I think that's why it was hard for him to consider even firing her because she underperformed at our work, but then she left us for a Full Time job anyhow. So it fixed itself. I love her, she's very bubbly and outgoing and just makes you feel accepted. She's a great person.


He offered to buy her lunch and I had mentioned that I had leftovers and it was a BYO for lunch day just so we could hang out and chit chat....but I mean I wouldn't mind if I was offered lunch too... whatevs I guess.  Although he told her the next time she comes we'll get tritip sandwiches. It has to be on a Tuesday because our client's gas station has them then (very delicious freshly cooked sandwiches). I'm hoping he means me included and I don't have to provide my own lol. I mean, not that I'm expecting a free meal, but if he's offering lunch to her why isn't he offering to me kind of thing? You know?  I bring in food a lot and tell everyone they can have some and he does... so it's not like I am not giving and just take or anything. I just thought it was strange and wanted to note it.


On another topic, my boyfriend and I have our 4 month anniversary (not that we're literally celebrating, but just acknowledging) on the 1st and I mentioned to him in passing that I wouldn't even consider moving in until about 6 months and he goes, "Baby 6 months is too soon! Maybe a year!" All I could think was, "What the eff?" He was the one that's been talking about it since like 3-4 months ago, pretty much right when we made it official. How is he gonna be like "It's too soon" when he's been dropping hints and comments non stop. I'm good where I am. I have my own house. I pay all my own bills. It's clean!!! I don't have to worry about picking up after someone else who has less cleanly habits than I do, plus he stays the night or I stay there at least a few times a week and I see him most days so it's not like I'm lacking for the quality time or affection. It's good.


With my ex of 6 years we never lived together. I mean, at times I would really want him to stay over because he never did, but I don't have that need with Mike (the bf). He does those things without me asking. He wants to. So living together is almost like another complication for me tbh. I guess I was just offended that he acted like I was bringing up some topic that was a "too soon" topic even after he just said that it felt like we'd been together much longer than 4 months. I only said it because I felt like it was what he was expecting. I won't mention it again unless I feel like it's something I want. Right now, it's not. I mean if we got close to marriage maybe because it would just make sense. I was even thinking what if we got married and still had our own places or just our own rooms so we weren't always together.  At times I want to sleep alone because it's more comfortable. It's less body heat too lol. Anyway, that was some of went on today... some of what is going on in my head. I want this to work and he told me last night we're "on the right track" and we both just need to "stay positive" and we'll be fine. :) That made me smile!


Okay, back to work. I might write again later today. Lots of stuff always going on in my head. Till then! :D

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