Humans yes, Animals not as much...

What is it about men and cheating? Like seriously... can you not think with your brain when it comes to a pretty girl? What is it about marriage that you cannot take seriously? This is not happening to me personally, but it is happening to someone I know... again. Yeah, I've known other people to go through this. My own mother went through that. That's why I have been on a search for the right man for ages. The one who will be completely honest with me even when it hurts. The one who will think before he acts. The one who will let me know if trouble is even brewing.


I really have high hopes for humanity to evolve into more spiritual beings, not purely physical and animalistic. Otherwise, how are we better than those wild animals fucking in nature? We act like we're better, but we can't control our urges, our emotions, etc etc. I could go on and on and rant, but if you're in a relationship, BE in a relationship. Period. If you don't want to be in one, man up and say so. Ok end rant for today. Bye now!

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