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It's Tuesday. I'm tired. I went swimming Sunday... hadn't been in years and that wore me out. I was dragging ass yesterday. I also went walking 30 min, yoga 30 min and then did some much needed chores I had been putting off yesterday. I felt accomplished. I did go to bed a little bit earlier, but I think I needed another 30 min to an hour to feel normal.

At least I feel less tired than yesterday. That's the positive today. Also my boyfriend and I have been doing better, less arguments/disagreements. We had been having growing pains the past couple weeks since we're in a new relationship. We've been seeing each other for 3.5 months now and officially for 2 months. I have known him since January of this year and we started off dating but then I got back with my ex for one last chance and that didn't work out. In the meantime, my current boyfriend (Mike) and I stayed friends and I talked to him for relationship advice. He was very supportive of me working out my last relationship... it just didn't happen though there were too many obstacles to overcome that my ex didn't want to put forth the effort to fix.

This week I have plans for myself, but also some chores and then the weekend (3 day weekend!!) we're going to be active. I got him a massage for Saturday which he's excited about and so am I because I love sharing things with people like great massage therapists or good books or whatever I might be "feelin" at the time. I also got one for my brother since his birthday is coming up soon. :)

I'm finally meeting the parents on Sunday too... he's meeting mine next Thursday. I bet they'll love him. Other than that I plan this month to get some things done around the house AND start decorating finally. I've been in my new home for a little over a year now. I'd say it's about time! Painting is my first obstacle and I'll be working on my backyard, refreshing the bark and trimming the plants in the front yard. I'm gonna do this! :P

Till next time,

eiai <3


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