He left on a jetplane...

My boyfriend left today for Orlando for a work trip. It's a week long trip so I won't see him again till either late Monday or after work Tuesday of next week.


Originally he missed his connection flight in Colorado, but luckily they needed to load a wheelchair in for a handicap person so since they made that exception they let him on the plane. He seriously got there minutes after they closed the doors and even though the plane was still there they weren't going to let him on board. Shitty, huh?


Anyway, he's there now he just landed and after work everyday I have to stop by his house and let his cat in to be fed and hang out for a little bit before I go home. Mostly he's an outdoor cat so hopefully he's there when I stop by...


I think I'm definitely going to miss him but the time is going to fly by. I have to make some big cookies Sunday for work for Bosses day on Monday and also bake part of his cake Sunday... I might just go buy the supplies Saturday and make the whole thing Sunday and freeze it. Then I won't have to stress when he comes home Monday night if he wants to see me, because I know I'll definitely want to see him. :)


Anyway, I have my week all planned out since I'm meeting my mom for dinner tomorrow and staying over his house Thursday so that his cat can sleep in the house at least one night. Then Friday is a me night unless my friend Delia tells me otherwise because she mentioned going to the company softball game for my old job... but she had other plans too so she didn't know if she'd make it. Saturday I'm doing my supplies shopping and probably chores around the house. Maybe I'll try my hand at some crafting. I was planning to use cardboard, contact paper and a box cutter to create some "drawer organizers". We'll see if I do it lol. Oh and I'm supposed to go clothes shopping with my momma. I think I have plenty of plans but I hope I follow through on them.


Also! Since he's over there and couldn't bring any MJ with him, I'm also not smoking in solidarity until he comes back. :D That's 7 days of no smoking. I've done 5 so lets see if I make it the extra 2. That's all for now folks. Update in the life of me...oh and a bunch of accounting stuff during my work day, *yawn*.



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