Happy Friday!

It's been pretty slow here at work this past week... luckily, today my boss is off, one of my coworkers is off and the other one leaves @ 2pm everyday. I asked my boss since it was slow if I could leave early and he said yes... so I might just leave in the next 15 minutes or so and start my friday off soon!


My friend is coming over to just hang and talk. I'm making her dinner--chicken enchiladas and mexican rice. Maybe since I'm off early I can sneak in some yoga too. :D  The bf was supposed to come over after but he sounds pretty exhausted. He started a new weight routine and is definitely feeling it. I'm proud of him though for moving forward with what he said he wanted to do. :) Positive vibes!!


I might tell him to just come over to sleep, cuz I don't think he'll be good company all exhausted and sore. He could make for a good snuggle partner though. Haha! Anyway... the plan this weekend is to eat some good chinese food tomorrow, go out to listen to some live music that night and then Sunday I'm meeting his grandma. In between we both need to walk, do yoga and weights. Although my weighlifting is done for this week AND I even did a 4 day flat belly diet (really just protein, carbs and fiber were the target goals). They give you a meal plan to follow and everything plus you drink Cucumber Lemon Ginger Mint water which aids in digestion, is good for the skin, the immune system and is supposed to calm your tummy. I lost 4 lbs so I think it was pretty successful.  I didn't feel like I was eating too much, or starving myself and now I feel energized more than before. :D  I might do it again in a month just as a little boost to my already existing weightloss/exercise routine... maybe... if I need to. I lost overall 2 lbs from my lowest weight (cuz I puffed up before my monthly...). I'm happy with that. 


Anyway, it sounds like a fun AND relaxing weekend awaits for me, so OFF I go!!



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