Christmas is coming!

It seems like every year I'm never "fully" prepared for Christmas.  One of these years I wanna be done with my shopping before the middle of December.  I want to have my plan for what I'm making/baking to take to my family's house or bringing to work. It always feels like a last minute rush. I think next year I'll plan at the beginning of November what I want to do... have a list ready so then I can "execute my plan" when I need to. :P My main concern is the stress and then next the fact that I love to give unique gifts not just common things everyone gives or something that has little to no thought.  Because you know... it's the thought that counts! I find that I really believe that especially when receiving gifts. If I know someone put a lot of thought into something, even if it was homemade, it makes me feel extra special.


Like this year is my first Christmas with my boyfriend... I bought him a dark vader throw blanket because his throw is out of commission, a new sweater, an R2D2 knit cap beanie, snow boots, pajama pants, a guitar shaped picture frame (with multiple slots for pics), a bluetooth auxillary converter since he doesn't have bluetooth in his car and a spiral charging cord because he has this huge long one that gets in the way in the car. :) Together we are buying a futon mattress to be used in our forts and as a massage bed... he told me not to really buy anything else but that's just not me. Haha! He'll probably be upset because he'll hold true to what we agreed. That's ok though, I like buying gifts for people.


He's creative so he can just make stuff for people. I mean I do bake, but he isn't a big sweets eater because it's unhealthy. So that's a gift I can't really make for him more than a few times a year.


In any case, we're also going to rent a cabin for New Year's Eve. It'll be all snowy and pretty. I can't wait. :D I wish I could take 2 weeks off for Christmas. I'd be so happy if that's how our office normally worked. Okay, best get back to it even though I really don't have much to do and I'm the only one in the office other than my boss. 

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Comments (3)

  1. pets

    it comes too fast and when its here its over in one day

    December 14, 2016
    1. eiai

      That’s so true, isn’t it?? Maybe we should do like the 12 days of Christmas, or even all month long just celebrate, listen to Christmas music, give little gifts like your presence or opening a door for someone. Be in the spirit of the holidays… whether it’s Christmas, Xmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. I tie in New Years with Christmas too. I’m gonna CELEBRATE. Because Life. :P

      December 14, 2016
      1. pets
        great idea can I join you also sounds like a blast of fun

        December 14, 2016