Busy times

During really busy times in life, at work I find myself seeing the time fly by and wondering what I really did for me.


I work in a tax office... so during tax season I'm doing bookkeeping, payroll and tax returns. I stay later because there's more workload. Then lately when I've gotten home I either have an errand to run most days of the week or social engagement plus I have to make time to do my yoga, weights and eat dinner. By the time I'm done with those things it's pretty much bed time. So i've been doubling up on "me time" by trying to multi-task or schedule it in.  Like I listen to my audiobook w hile I'm making dinner. Or I schedule in my meditaiton and walks while I'm at work so I can do them on my breaks.


So I'm still tending to myself, but not having as much time for it still is difficult because I don't have as many "rest periods" to rejuvinate, to recouperate, to really stop and smell the flowers. :P~ I will again soon, only about another 7-8 weeks and it'll be done. For now I'm going to work on finding the peace between the busy times. :) Now for a great week!

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