Birthday Dinner night

My birthday is on Thanksgiving. I have two friends that have early November birthdays (Nov 7 and Nov 11) and so since I assumed they would want to celebrate my birthday as well as theirs I set a Birthday dinner (for me) with girls only and sent out actual invites and everything by postal mail. I invited 6 girls.  Only 4 responded... one had to cancel last minute for a very valid reason and the other is having back issues but hasn't told me directly that she can't make it even though I'm pretty sure she's going to flake out and not say anything. I only heard it via third party that she was having back issues (she was a coworker of sorts so I don't see her on the regular)... so now my coworker that just recently started and we've already befriended each other, is going and the girl i consider my bff locally says she's going but she sounds very overwhelmed and I just have an inkling she's going to bail. Of course she may not, but she sounded stressed out. Her mom just moved in because she sold her house but didn't find a place to live yet.... and her husbands out of town. I just thought it should be a straightforward "hey you're living here, so take care of my kids in exchange"... but  you know... everyone's different on their perspectives of what's "acceptable".  My coworker is the only for sure person going so she asked if she could invite her sister and I said yeah that sounds like a good idea plus my coworker said that her sister needs to spend time "without her husband sometimes" lol...


I hope it turns out well. I am bummed my one friend couldn't make it because of her personal issues but I know she wanted to and she tried everything she could to make it. She actually bought me a present she said (which wasn't expected!) and she wants to drop it by Monday. I'll be at my boyfriend's that day, which works out really well because she had said she wanted to meet him. :) 


On another note, my boyfriend has been weird. When I get irritable or cranky (pmsing) or have depression he gets standoffish. I really hope he researches it more and realizes that's not who I am, it's just something I have to deal with sometimes. I do the same when he gets irritable, which he does because yes men have "man periods"... I guess I just am looking for that compassion and understanding. I give it, so it's something I want to receive in return. You know? It's just one of those qualities... he seemed to have it when I first met him and other times I've noticed but sometimes he gets moody and decides to remain ignorant of the real cause and symptoms that accompany my issues. I try to tell him... but you can only make some understand to their level...


I hope tonight goes well even though it's a small group. I need to find more reliable friends that like to put effort into quality friendships though. The rest of them can remain acquiantances, but I need some reliable, loyal, truthworthy friends. The end. :P 

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Comments (4)

  1. formerlyme

    I hope your Birthday turns out to be very pleasant for you. Who knows…maybe this is your chance to get to know your coworker better, and perhaps her sister will turn out to be a nice new friend.

    November 19, 2016
    1. eiai

      We did have a great time!

      November 22, 2016
  2. eiai

    Thank you for the insight and birthday wishes!

    November 22, 2016