Bad Dreams

Every once in a while I have bad dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me... this is the first boyfriend I've really had this issue with periodically. I'm sure it stems from the fact that he is flirty, he was a date-a-holic before me and he's been with more women than I would like.  It's weird though because in the dreams he's always acting like he could care less about me, but in real life he's not like that unless he's being an ass in the moment. In which at those times I shut him down by telling him he needs to chill and I stop talking to him until he realizes fighting is not worth it and he apologizes and we make up in less than a day.


Anyway, this was discussed by us and he was like well the only way it would happen is if this girl kissed me and i didn't kiss back. He was trying to make me feel better for having a bad dream lol. <3 Then he asked me if it was rooted in reality, if there was something bugging me. I guess the biggest thing is me being ok with him having female friends. I've never been with a guy that really had female friends and me being ok with it. What is it about other women that brings that insecurity and competitiveness? So I guess my anxiety is bugging me today now. I'm really trying to bring my focus back to the present moment and knowing that this stuff is all in my head... it's funny because in the dream the girl he cheated with isn't someone I would ever think would happen. Ever. So idk what's up with my brain.


Okay back to work and no more dwelling! Bye now!

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