Back from vacation

I left on vacation day before yesterday to Monterey, CA. It was my boyfriend's birthday last wednesday so we planned to go to Monterey and go to the Aquarium.  We were supposed to leave about 9am, but I was running a bit behind so I got there around 9:20 then headed to get gas and the gas station I got out put the gas nozzle in the tank and then went to wash the windshield...when I was almost done my boyfriend was saying something to me through the cracked window so I bent down and listened to what he said (something we forgot at home) so then I put the window stuff away and then got in the car and drove away.... but then I heard a loud clunk and thought I ran over something. NOPE! It was the gas nozzle still in my car!! I drove off with it... lol! I got back in the car after removing the nozzle and putting it by the pump. I went inside and let them know and they reassured me this happens a lot. It made me feel better, haha! Especially because it's the first time this has ever happened.


Finally, we picked up what we forgot at home and got on the road.  We got there about 2pm and were able to get an early check-in which was really nice.  The Aquarium was only about a 10 minute walk from the hotel so we went there and straight away went to get a couple drinks and we shared an entree of black cod tacos. I told him on this trip I would try more seafood because my whole life I've said "no I don't like sea food" and now he's getting me to try these new things and I'm willing. It's such a nice feeling to be open to these new things. :) After that we enjoyed the aquarium and then went back to the hotel to rest a bit and smoke some weed out our ocean view balcony. It was so nice and peaceful. Around 6pm we went to dinner at this fancy seafood restaurant.  We had an appetizer trio with calamari, crabcakes and grilled shrimp. Then they brought out the salad and bread and we both had a drink each. Finally, they brought out the main dish/entree and right about then before the waiter even put it on the plate my boyfriend basically fainted onto the table and hit his head and then I ran to check on him because he just didn't seem right.


I thought maybe he was having some sort of reaction to the shellfish, but after he got that way I started to get light headed and black out too so I sat down and was breathing but it felt like I was in a dream for some of it because I was so fuzzy visioned.  He was talking to me to keep me awake but I was out of it. Finally it started to go away and I drank more water. He went to the bathroom so I got them to put it in a to go box since the dinner itself was $75 just for the entree. He came back and we both felt weak and were finally cooling down.  It's hard to know why it happened but it sure was scary in the moment.  It was an amazing dinner though, it was just too bad it got interrupted. 


We went home and went to bed early but then we got up early and watched the sunrise come up. :) It was nice. After the sunrise we ordered in room service for breakfast and it was very delicious. Before we left we went and got some icecream and then drove the 17 mile scenic route. It was beautiful! :D Today we get to rest, so that's nice. He went to play music with his friends and I'm watching my tv shows. It's nice to be alone for a little while and unwind. Hopefully I'll feel well rested enough for work tomorrow. Then the grind starts again... if only we could go back and just lay in each others arms listening to the ocean. ;)

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